Alparslan Episode 1 English & Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Episode 1 English & Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Episode 1 English & Urdu Subtitles For God’s sake help Osman Bey. If anything happens to my people Don’t worry, Mr. Barkın. Who do we have behind us until this time? But the plateau was to go secretly. Who told the route? We have no choice but to save Nicola, Barkin. On our way to the highland we will take Selvi and the people of the tribe captive in return for Nicola. Impossible.

I wouldn’t involve Selvi in ​​this.

Get what you want from Obalı. But not Selvi. Barkin. Don’t be afraid, it’s just a game. I promise you. Even Selvi’s hair will not be harmed. As we talked, Osman Bey. I didn’t give anyone the route. They obviously knew the way out beforehand. We’ll find out who said it later. But let’s think about what we’re going to do first. Barkin. Barkin. Where is Selvi? What will happen, Osman Bey? Is what I heard true?

It is true, Malhun Hatun.

But we will save my Cypress’ hair before it gets damaged. Isn’t it, Osman Bey? We will not put my sister in the hands of these oppressors, will we, Osman? malhun. Do not be afraid. We will save Selvi safely. Who are we after, aren’t we, sir? Like that. We will not put cypress in their hands. Look at the smell. Smells like stink. Abominable shepherd’s tent Awful Gratitude I didn’t put you to bed in snakes.

Now you will go to your castle.

The pen? Will you send? Joyful? Mr. Osman. Osman Bey, what made you change your mind ? Judging by your composure you didn’t get what you wanted. I wasn’t going to stay any longer in your evil tent anyway. I was going to walk away . Good. But let him know that in your comfortable bed in your castle I will not let you sleep.

You will be so afraid you will

wait for me to come and get your head. You won’t even be able to sleep . Ha. Solve it. Ah. Barbarian shepherds. Traitor! Traitor! We want justice! We want justice! Bastard! Get his head! We want justice! O people! I would love to kill this bastard the most. But Selvi Hatun and Barkın Bey’s people were taken prisoner.I swear to you I will take Nicola’s life.

If because of this dog if even

the hair of the people there is harmed I cannot answer to my conscience. Now you say. Because of this infidel if they kill the people will you be able to answer to your conscience? Just say it. This bastard killed my son. It burned my lungs so much. But you’re right don’t let a stone fall into someone else’s hearth. We wait for the time of revenge. Don’t worry. Don’t worry. It won’t take long.

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