Alparslan Episode 11 English & Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Episode 11 English & Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Episode 11 English & Urdu Subtitles There will be soldiers of Justinian besides you inside. It doesn’t matter where Osman lives, Nikola. Precaution, love. You taught me not to belittle anyone in battle, master. I will not leave the door open. You choose your word best, Nikola. Aya Nikola, Master Arius, this is Bilecik castle. But history will write this castle as the tomb of the Turkmen lords.

Have no doubt.

The jugglers, actors, musicians outside, all have a dagger in their waists, they are thirsty for Turkish blood. Did you tell them your real purpose? Huh. Of course no. I haven’t said it yet, so that the information doesn’t leak. They think they are armed only as a precaution. When the attack approaches, they will learn that Bilecik will be full of blood. But the Turks will not be satisfied.

They are fasting.

Their holy iftar will be their last meal. Congratulations Justinian, congratulations. You’re not a wimp like your Uncle Rogatus. The peace that has been going on in this land for years by the order of the Emperor , is ending tonight. What about Osman’s children? What will happen to them? No one will touch them, they will wait for me. You can kill the Alps, the women, even Osman all with pleasure.

First we will know where our children are.

We will not fall into the hands of those dogs who want to kill us without any information. That’s obviously their move. You’re right, Osman Bey, if we take precautions the wedding party, they want us to succumb to our anger and attack. We will be cautious. What do you say, Mr. We set out on this road to take Bilecik castle.

They kidnapped our children.

They attacked Kosses. Obviously, they obviously get their job done. We will die too. But we don’t have a trump card like them. We’ll go to the ambush, Osman Bey. How would you say this? You will see, Mr. Turgut. Before night falls, my children will be with me. And Bilecik castle will be our property. Hopefully. I hope sir. I hope sir.

Justinian surprised us by telling

us what was going to happen in this hall . Master Arius, would you like to tell me what’s going on out there ? When there is a massacre in the castle, when Osman’s blood runs dry, the willow, the tribe will be without a head. And Barkin. How? Isn’t Barkin one of the gentlemen who will die? Justinian true loyalty is what not everyone knows.

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