Alparslan Episode 13 English & Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Episode 13 English & Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Episode 13 English & Urdu Subtitles We will relieve you of that burden. Attack! Cerkutay, be careful. How long have we not been fighting side by side is that what you’re saying? Are you longing? I missed Cenk though It was war time, I didn’t miss your chatter, Cerkutay. Well then, let me be silent, let my pusats talk. Hey, you’ll do well. Konur Alp, Tekfur is running away. Come on, little girl. Come on.

Don’t be afraid,

no harm can come to you from us. Are you always like this? You look like my Mari. It was unclear when he would do it. Alps. Storm. You take care of the girl. I will come and get your father. Do not be afraid, our guards will do nothing to you. We say we’ll accompany you, but you still try to run away, Basileus. Are you going to stop us alone? You say so? Who said it was the only one? Turgut Bey.

Will you account for this?

We are not accountable to snakes. We hold it by the neck, we ask for account. Attack! You have destroyed all these years of peace. Liar, degenerate. You come across me and pretend to be innocent for peace. The wedding we arranged for the design was going to be your funeral, deyu. Check it out! I know how to make you speak the truth.

Why do you cry?

We didn’t kidnap you, we rescued you. Fear is informal. Wipe your tears away. The guy who’s going to be your step-dad will use you to his own ends. You are a very beautiful, very smart, strong girl. Dad. To explain. To explain. When I gave Holofira, Tekfur would make me a partner in his trade. There was also quite a lot of property in his castle. Besides to kill you, it was a great move.

This is the real face of stepfather.

For your benefit, I am no different from the animals you raised. The Turks, whom you call our enemies, treat me better than you. I hate you. Aygül Hatun, leave Holofira to the camp. Then tell your aunt with all your might. Cerkutay You catch up with Osman Bey from your thesis so that he knows what’s going on. Come on, guard.

This is Basileus who will come to the wedding with us.

You’re invited too, you bastard. You have it. So you can pull out the iron here, Osman. Let’s see where you work the iron in this? Are they all loaded? We didn’t leave a trace. Good. Be careful, huh. Lets. We will be the breath of Azrael in their necks, come on. Sir, the task is done. In front of his daughter. Come on! My daughter.

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