Alparslan Episode 15 English & Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Episode 15 English & Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Episode 15 English & Urdu Subtitles You will find their den. Come on. Welcome, Osman Bey. We enjoyed it. We enjoyed it. I’m having a special iftar dinner prepared for you tonight . We will have our wedding after iftar. If you wish, you can rest in your rooms until that time. Well thought out, Justinian. The road was quite tiring. You said right, Osman Bey. We’re pretty tired. Let’s get some rest. It is suitable.

You come with me, Osman Bey.

Oh mashallah Hey mashallah. This new found vein is very good. The pusat of this iron will suffice. Our intention is pure. Allah makes our work easy. Open your eyes well. Even the bird whose heart does not beat with us will not fly. Come on my lions, download it! Burn the fire, burn the fire! So that’s where they work the iron and thresh the pusat. His dreams are big.

But it will stay in their crops.

Let us burn and destroy, sir. Not now, Your Husamin. Not now. We will let them grow the threshing. The bigger it is the more noise the demolition makes. First I’ll consult with the gentlemen. I will make sure of their loyalty. Come on, we’re going back to the camp. You wait here. Keep your eyes peeled, just in case. Yes, sir. Where is the road? It’s a red apple. My son. My valiant son. I miss a lot.

I miss you so much, dad.

Osman Bey’s order. Aktemur is on duty. Ayşe. Does Ayşe know? I can’t stand Fatma’s absence since she went to the highland. How can you last all these years, Gunduz Bey? Being a state requires sacrifice. Mashallah, mashallah. Mashallah my son. We thought you were chasing cows. You’ve already started to gas, my dear. Aktemur. You say now. Where are the children?

Do you know where they keep it?

They keep it in the dungeon. The location of the dungeon is drawn. I’ll stop by again, but now I have to go. I’ll let you know if I get any information. Be present, Osman Temur, may you exist. God help you Dad. Be cautious. Oh my god. He was a son worthy of his father. Thank you Malhun Hatun.

It’s like he said.

We know the location of the other dungeon. Now listen to me well. First we’ll get rid of these chains, bro. How are we going to do this? Look, they’re pretty solid. Surely we will find a way. If we can’t break the chains we get the keys. Osman Bey set out to save us. What will you say, Aladdin? You say fast. I think we should wait for him, brother. I knew you would say that.

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