Alparslan Episode 17 English & Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Episode 17 English & Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Episode 17 English & Urdu Subtitles The cellar is to the left of the hallway. It’s time for a shift change. There should be two guards, be careful. Son. Be cautious too, emi. Come on babes. Thank you my lord. He opens his eyes. kosses. How are you? Are you more ey? I’m Sheikh. Thank you. Osman. I tell Osman the children Orhan Alahaddin was Osman able to save them? Oh Kosses, oh my.

Your wounds have not healed yet.

Don’t move too fast. Could he save the children? Osman is in Bilecik Castle for now. I hope he will come and take my princes safely. Sheikh Edebali. I know. You don’t give big reactions to things. But I’m surprised you were so calm with your grandchildren being kidnapped. Would it be okay to sneer at what comes from God, Kosses? Evil appears, but there is a lot of wisdom hidden in it. I entrusted my princes to my Lord.

Osman Bey and their mothers took their precautions and left.

I hope they will come and take my Orhan and Alahaddin. Hopefully. I could never be this calm. Alhamdulillah, our souls and our souls are entrusted to our Lord. It is up to us to pray patiently. I gave you so much trouble. Among all these problems you also dealt with me. Would it be a hassle to struggle for the life my Lord gave me, Kosses? If we shed tears for my princes and leave you alone with your wounds what good would it do if we prostrate for five times?

I am not your co-religionist.

But I’m so lucky to be your friend. I am grateful, Sheikh Edebali. Be it friend or foe. Whether you’re a believer or not. In a Muslim hearth hungry wounded the oppressed that believer as long as your wound is healed his own finds healing. What if you are not our religion? Mercy to us is entrusted to us by the Messenger of Allah. Sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam. If Allah, the Most Merciful, has put the blue sky the rainforest to the service of all people.

When those people are in need

it’s up to us to approach them with compassion. In our wrath against the oppressor when we mislead evil is our compassion for the oppressed. Thank you. Thanks. Abdurrahim. Come on. Show your skill. Here is yours, sir.It’s dangerous without armor, Osman Bey. If you want. No. Armor makes us heavy. Keep going like this. Come on. Yuuuuh! Uuuuh! Get up, Caesar! Whoa to you!  Uuuuh! Justinian could not cope with Caesar Abdurrahim.

At least when he calls in a few more of his soldiers just be fair.

It suits me. Soldiers! Let’s show our hospitality to our friends. Shoot! Is there such a thing? Let’s go in too, Mr. Ganja. Come on, we’re hunting, too. You guys stop. My lord wanted it. Abdurrahim is capable of coping. Let’s watch. Lay down. It was a fair fight. Your men fought well. But they could only show acumen to Abdurrahim. Thank you Osman Bey. [Music Playing ] Come on! Ok come on come on. Sir. The children are in prison. Bala Hatun is nearby. We await your order. We wait for iftar for food. Hey.

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