Alparslan Episode 19 English & Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Episode 19 English & Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Episode 19 English & Urdu Subtitles Even if we are in the middle of the war it is necessary to break the fast. Our mouths were undone. Here you are. Come on. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. Amen. Come on. Sisters. Insiders open the door. Soldiers come out of every hole. Obviously, out of fear, Tekfur they have piled up his soldiers here. They are heartless. Let them pile up. We will overcome them all with Osman Bey’s game, evelallah.

Open the door! Open the door.

God give us strength. open the door. If Master Davud was he would know how to get out of this. My guardian. Come on. Look, the chains are about to let go. We’ll get out of here. We’re going out, bro. A. -Two. -Two. -Three. -Three. Right. Sir. The wedding procession is about to enter Bilecik. Good eye Justinian. Your eyes are clear. My caravans have been coming and going from this valley for years.

I’ve had a man after them dozens of times.

I had it tracked, but I couldn’t find it. The fact that they put their headquarters here is very, very interesting. He’s no longer a danger because he’s going to die tonight . First I will destroy their headquarters. Then I will burn all the catapults that he built to destroy my walls . His house the mine? You gave your mine. But now you’ll get it back in full. Everything. Sir,

we are ready for raid.

Tonight this land will be illuminated by the fire we light. What am I going to do now? What will happen to me? Don’t cry, beautiful girl. Oh, don’t cry. Osman Bey, as you wished saved you from those rascals. Now he will send you to your aunt. Do not be afraid, my beautiful girl. You are very good people. I am grateful to you. [Coughs] Ana. Are you okay?

The color of his face is gone.

Zehra, run and get water. Mother. I am my daughter. That’s old age. I’m out of breath. Zehra. You take Holofira to the tent. Have a good sleep, come on girl. I’ll take it, mother. Main. You’re not good. Let’s see a healer. Ayşe. I know my time is running out. How does my mother say that? Let me go to this dove abdal. Oh girl sit down. Sit down. I did my best. Other than that, it’s divine.

But my wish my Osman my children

not to die without seeing. I’ve waited so long for this victory, my daughter. my mother. My beautiful mother. Don’t do it to me, please don’t do this. My Osman it doesn’t suit me to die before I return with victory. You all listen to me well. In case I can’t stand it there are bundles in the chest. You will give it to my grandchildren. huh? Mother. Mother.

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