Alparslan Episode 21 English & Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Episode 21 English & Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Episode 21 English & Urdu Subtitles So that you like your own grave. All your father will do is to die with his children. I’m going to shake your carcass in the square. Walk! Mister? I know which way we’re going. You get ahead of me, Mr. Thank you Temur. Thanks. You run to your death, Justinian. Your time has come. Let’s get on the horses quickly. It is impossible for us to take the castle. Let’s save our lives so we have a chance to avenge.

You bastards.

So you were the traitor. Neither your life nor your castle. You won’t be able to protect anything. Don’t come closer, Osman. Both of them OK. You took the lives of my sons my chicks. Don’t do it, Osman. We can agree. Where the word ends the puss of justice speaks. Don’t worry, Osman. Do not. The end of all oppressors will be like you. It will either be at my hand or it will be at the hand of another man who holds the cloak of justice. What. sons. Father. -Father. –

My lion. Son. oh. Are you okay?

Ha? I’m fine dad. Oh my god. Aladdin you? We’re fine, dad. My lions. Lions. Ak Temur, son of sure. He is your brother. Hey, my princes. oh my god. Lions. my lions. Lions. Osman Bey is coming! -Long live Osman Bey! sons. You! Let everyone Vasilius know go. And for the soldiers you say I want two chests of gold. on the moon.

Orhan! My valiants. Mother. -My son. -My valiants!

Thank god. Thank god. Oh thank goodness. are you okay? I’m fine mom. Are you okay, huh? You don’t have anything? Thank you sir. Masallah. Masallah. You take them all to the dungeon. on the moon. Thank you sir. Thank god. Is there any Destur, Mr. Barkın? come on. Here you go guys. What brought you here?

We are against taking Söğüt.

If you try our alps will not spare you the pusats on your neck. I told you why am I doing this? But you didn’t understand. At that time I lied. Let me say the truth. Osman will die. The willow will be mine. It will be mine. Is there a Destur, sir? come on. Sorry. The master is waiting for you. Do n’t bury them without anyone seeing them.

Selamun aleyküm. My loyalty.

And aleyküm Selam Akça. Here you go. It’s for sahur, my Sheikh. It’s obvious, Akçam, that you didn’t come to leave a single sahur tray. Say what’s in your heart in your tongue Praise be to him. Bilecik castle. Do we have any information? The souls came and blew into our ears, my Sheikh. Osman Bey has won the victory with Bilecik castle, my Sheikh.

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