Alparslan Episode 23 English & Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Episode 23 English & Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Episode 23 English & Urdu Subtitles As long as we can breathe we will always dream of something beyond. I hope sir. We will raise our children with this dream. Hopefully. Our destination is İnegöl. This Friday we will stand in front of the walls of İnegöl together. And I hope we will open our iftar in İnegöl. It is a time of conquest. Bilecik castle is the property of the Turks. But you never forget.

We are custodians.

The property belongs only to Allah. We fight for him we conquer for him. Until there is no place where the word of God does not reach. -Allhu Akbar!Sheikh Edibala while you are fasting like this drinking this soup will not suit me I guess. You will drink, Koses. It is for healing. You should know that Islam puts one’s life before anything else.

When you drink the soup reward

will be written on our house. You will work for us. Since you say so. Well done Selcan Hatun. Whether healing. My Osman likes this soup very much. I think the secret of Osman’s victories has now been revealed. Estagfurullah. Even though they arrived safely I could see my valiants. My Lord, who made the conquest of Bilecik easy will make it easier for them to return to the oba,

I hope Selcan Hatun.

God willing, you will see. You keep it fresh. Hopefully. I hope my Sheikh. My Osman Bey will come, Osman. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. Thank goodness it came. Came. It’s here, my valiants. Come on, bismillah. Here, my valiants. Lord.For the health of your soul you need to drink this soup.

You have given the conquest.

You have given us our children. Endless praise be to you. Thank you. Welcome. We enjoyed it. O people! Bilecik castle is the property of other Kayin. Music Playing] Osman. Osman. . Selcan mother. Ana are you okay? Bring some water. Mother! Especially if you drink this. Drink it. Inside,

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