Alparslan Episode 24 English & Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Episode 24 English & Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Episode 24 English & Urdu Subtitles inside, inside, inside, inside, inside. oh. Thanks. It’s time to hand over the trust to its owner, son. Mother. My Orhan Where are my Alaadin? Vote. my sons. Always take care of each other, right? You follow the path of your ancestors. You will always look after each other. huh? Promise you. Ah. The valiant chicks of Kayin. I’ll leave you behind I ca n’t stay behind.

How did you feed and raise your children?

My state you will raise it like that? Next to Osman you will always make his job easy. huh? Get it right, mother. Goodbye, my beautiful girl. Make it right, mother. Good luck my right. Main. huh? I made a lot of mistakes at the time. I broke your heart too. You forgave me didn’t you? Daytime. I know your heart. You don’t hurt anyone on purpose.Good thing you’re with us. Always my daughter. Come on, run to your mother. Oh baby.

Good luck to you too.

You should always watch after your guardian, right? Ah. I’m Osman. my mother. My son. my mother. Don’t be heartbroken. My time is up. Ah. Gundogdum. Gundogdu always waits for me. You too with blessed victories the decent state awaits you, son. Lord. May he always keep you on his way. Don’t be upset, huh? Don’t worry son. Do not be sad.

On the eternal road at

the beginning of the kevser basin may my Lord grant us to meet. Eşhedu en la ilahe illallah ve ashhadu en la muhammadan abduhu ve rasuluh. Main. You were like that when you were little. Did you have a problem you used to go to your corner. You would understand my situation you would come to me right away. You would cure my motherlessness. How can I repay you, mother?

What right son between mother and son?

I am your motherlessness you have cured my son’s pity. Mother. Now your job is more difficult. It’s time to mend what’s broken. My separate code is you from my son. Get it right, girl. Good bye mom. [Music Plays ] Thank goodness, thank god. Thank God. Will you take care of my daughter? I’ll see mom. I gave it. Oh my beautiful girl. Goodbye mom.

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