Alparslan Episode 26 English & Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Episode 26 English & Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Episode 26 English & Urdu Subtitles I knew you would ask this question, Mr. Alhamdulillah, I strengthened the cannonballs against the wind. If the angels of Allah help us as they helped the hands of the poor no wind will stop the flood, I hope. Hopefully, God willing If we have faith like the lions of Bedrin then the army of angels will certainly be on our side. Isn’t it, mullah Alaeddin?

What a need for the right word,

Mr. oh my god. Mashallah my brave. Sir. sons. Let’s just say it’s put. Sir cerid whistling at your command gathers intelligence. Now it is in İnegölA unit carrying pusat lorum fire from Konstantiniyi was about to arrive in İnegöl. But in the summons, he says that if we do not stop the caravan, there will be a big problem during the conquest of the castle. Nikola the Jackal. Then we will hit fast. Doesn’t hitting the caravan break the peace, sir?

There is a pusat in that caravan,

my prince. What if they try to declare war on us, saying we hit the caravan? He becomes guilty first because he piles ammunition in his castle. Nikola won’t even be able to understand what’s going on. We’ll fall on you like lightning. Well, he won’t even be able to chase after you. We would like to come to Gaza too, Mr. It is your right, of course. But you are not yet skilled enough to go to war.

Especially if you prove yourself in the hunt then

I say you are ready for war. Thank you sir. At that time, we also have to hunt. Do not come back empty-handed. Do not. It’s your command, sir. Baysungur. Sir. Come on. Sir, what about the willow bud? Well, we don’t go empty-handed. But, I’ll go ahead of time and make room for the raid. Don’t be late either. Sir, let’s be with one of us. Especially if you let me let me ride alone.

This looks like a precious piece of cloth,

Simon. Dear sir, of very precious Chinese silk. It is a very old fabric from the Sassanids. In western Rome they use it to cover saints. Am I a saint, Simon? The burial of the deceased saints is draped over it. You are before me like an ancient statue. You deserve this more. When will he come? On the way, sir. We have a peace agreement with Osman. You know, right, Simon? No one should know where this ammunition came from,

where it is. Did you understand?

I’ve calculated everything don’t worry, sir. You will be like a shadow, Simon. No one will see, know, recognize you. Tekfurs will come soon, even they should not know who you are. Now take your saint cloths and go. Best regards. Don’t linger, Simon, don’t linger. Selamunaleyküm valiants. And hello, Gence Bey. Wow Gence, you’re welcome. Hey, my Orhan, are you okay? Thanks God. oh my god. You are fine, Master David Praise be to my valiant, you are also fine. Thank you,

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