Alparslan Episode 29 (Season 2 Episode 2) English & Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Episode 29 (Season 2 Episode 2) English & Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Episode 29 (Season 2 Episode 2) English & Urdu Subtitles You trust Barkin. I understand that. Well, do you trust Kosses?Kosses is a very old friend of mine. And I’ve known him long enough to know not to trust him, Basileus. What are we gonna do? What are we gonna do? Kosses has not met Osman all this time. But still , there is such a love love for Osman. We have to take this into account.

So a small price to pay to end

the war before it beginsJust before the wedding Kosses will die.Caravan head! Your path ends here. No! Our road ends in İnegöl. Are you saying so? You have a peace treaty. These roads belong to all of us. But if you value your life get out of our way! Your property and your life are at our sole discretion. I won’t waste my time talking about something that I can solve by fighting !

Come here. Where are you running away

from leaving your ammunition? So you’re bringing a pusat to shoot the Turk. Is that your aim to break the peace? But the only place you can escape is my wrath. kill me! Kill! No. No! You will live! And you will tell Nikola that I shot the caravan. If he considers this to break the peace then tell him I’ll use these pusats as evidence. If you have a heart, come before me! Lets!Main.

As well as the people in

Oba and the people in Söğüt ashes were distributed. The supplies were distributed. Well done, my beautiful girl. Thank goodness there is no one left who has not received a subsistence . Thank god. Osman Bey’s subjects will not go hungry alone. Hopefully. What did our glorious Mohammed say? “He who sleeps while his neighbor is hungry is not one of us.” May Allah make us among the believers. Amine.

The sustenance multiplies as it is shared.

I hope you have lots of luck. Hopefully. That’s how I see you I ca n’t go with my eyes open. I know our oba is entrusted to the valiant women of beech. Mother. Check it out. Come. Did it turn out as you wished? Oh my goodness my beautiful girl. It’s very nice, good luck. Thank you, mother. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. This hand is not ours it is the hand of our Mother Fatma.

Don’t let your arts diminish.

Don’t let it spill. Amen if GOD lets. Take it girl. Good luck to your hands and tongue, mother. Have we cooked our dough too we don’t have enough for iftar anymore. Come on, bismillah.Food was also distributed to Söğüt, mother. huh? Meat was also distributed to Söğüt, my mother. In the evening, at the time of iftar, they will all boil. They will give it hot. oh. Well done, my beautiful girl.Let me go!Soldiers! It’s been a long time since we shed Turkish blood.

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