Alparslan Episode 7 English & Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Episode 7 English & Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Episode 7 English & Urdu Subtitles I destroyed your headquarters. I took the ammunition he had accumulated over the years. The most important is the mines! Long live Master Arius with his mind. Osman is nothing without his mines! Still a great danger! But I have to give Arius credit. Always thinking about the next step. Well, that’s why we call him Master Arius, Romanos .

Judging by his silence ,

he already has the mines. So will it work? They will come to the bottom of our castle set up headquarters and then attack with catapults , right? We just stopped their next attack, Nikola! And I’m so tired of talking about it. When Arius comes I will raise a great army. I didn’t come here to stand behind the walls. I’ve come to shed blood! Be present.

You may exist.

O mashallah! Mr. Agha Let’s say how much is it? These are the last ones. Have these two gone all the catapults have settled in front of the walls of İnegöl my Bey, what about the strength? Are our catapults kavi, Ağa Bey? Everything is okay, right won’t let us down? Osman Bey does not let go, he does not let go, he is a tribe. We will destroy the walls of İnegöl with these catapults,

with God’s permission.

Hopefully. Hopefully we’ll get rid of them. We turned the villagers who brought goods from their way, Mr. They do not make an effort for the informal İnegöl. Sir, another caravan was coming we hit it, we stacked the goods around. You shot one how about the rest? The sentence of the supply routes has the power of immaterial. No goods come in no goods come out, Mr.

So we cut the whole lifeblood of İnegöl!

There is no obstacle in front of being the property of the Turk . Let them know that we stopped. But we will continue to march on the oppressors. Sir. Talk. Sir, Osman, Osman and Turks are coming. Catapults, ram heads and other equipment. If you burned the catapults what is this, Nikola?

Do you know that Emerald Phoenix?

Here his name is Turk. With the light of Islam in our hearts we will be resurrected from the place where it was burned, alhamdulillah. Burn, Nikola burn! You will also have plenty of fire in the hereafter. Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix How did they do that!? How? Damn. How many catapults are there? And if you say Master Arius you’d better.

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