Alparslan Episode 9 English & Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Episode 9 English & Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Episode 9 English & Urdu Subtitles Speed up your preparations. Come on! Wait for me wait Osman. Wait! Osman Bey we came to support you. Thanks. Welcome, Turkmen Gentlemen. You may exist. How long has the raids been no news to the obas? We did not hear your call, Osman Bey! Whichever horse you ride will bring you to İnegöl. Gaza is here the conquest is here. What do you need to call?

Now you have the news.

Thank you thank you, let it be as you say. The greats of Turkmen you have agreed to come for the conquest. May you all exist. You are welcome. Welcome, Mr. You will be under my command. Your Alps will enter the Gedik with Boran and Konur. Some of them will attack from behind with Turgut Bey. And those who will come with me will break the gate of the castle with the ram’s head and enter. Of course, we will not be alone.

My grandfather Süleyman Şah

we haven’t stopped since my father Ertuğrul Gazi. It will not stop for us and after us. May our other gaza be blessed. Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar! Sir, the castle gates open the news has spread. Here you go. I’ll send your cook in a little while you’re road tired, rest as much as you want. We are grateful, but I was wondering what is the reason for the activity in the cabin? Is there a dangerous situation? There is nothing to fear. As I said, take your rest.

After all, Malhun Hatun will meet with you.

Now you rest, we will wait for the night to move. Whoo. Nikola. Mr. Osman. Let him surrender your castle with peace. Both your castle and your soldiers are unharmed. Don’t worry, I’ll forgive them all. Will you forgive me? You underestimate me, Osman Bey. I’m Aya Nikola, we’ve been fighting all these years. Do you think I’ll hand over the pen? He has a memory. That’s why I pity you.

You will lose everything.

Your castle, your life. If you don’t surrender, a lot of blood will be spilled. And you know me well, I spill that blood. You will shed more blood. Osman Bey, this is İnegöl, my land. I am not afraid, neither are my soldiers. I’m warning you for the last time. Hand over your castle. The wind of these lands is for the fluctuation of the Islamic banner.Prepare the ram head. And for the last time, you can sharpen your pusats. It is a time of conquest. yah.

That wind has not yet hit the walls of İnegöl.

My pen has enough dungeons for all of you and enough swords to cut all of you. Is that your decision? This is my decision, Osman Bey. Inegol is here, come and get it! If you can afford it. I did my duty. Thanks. We also use our power on İnegöl. İnegöl is the property of non-Islam! Deh. We are the generation of those who ride where they cannot see. Until this time, we waited for İnegöl for a long time. You should inform the Informal Gentlemen. Tell the Alps. Let the catapults be driven.

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