Barbarossa Episode 11 In English & Urdu subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 11 In English & Urdu subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 11 In English & Urdu subtitles Turgut! Shall I pity them! How can I have mercy on them, Turgut Bey! Alplar Ökten Bey! Mr. Ökten, where did you hear that we put the blood of martyrs on the ground? Where did you hear that we pity the doer? Patience Okten Bey! Let’s figure out what happened first, when the time for revenge comes, I will be by your side! Patience. Where are you, Aktemur, I’ll call you this morning! No, what are you looking for? Did you speak or not? – I talked to him. What does he say? – Wait, let me breathe.

My throat is dry, should I drink a sherbet?

Let the sherbet maker give you a sherbet. Thank you. Thank you . Tell me beforehand. What does your heart say? is it empty? No way, it’s hard. Forget her, I’ll find better ones for you. Alhamdulillah, let it touch the souls of the dead, sir. I would like to have mussels before! What will you get me? I’ll buy whatever you want, what did Ülgen chick say? Her heart is empty, but the hot girl wants a strong soldier like herself. You’re right, Bengi chick brings fabrics from all kinds of lands.

Fabrics that are not seen in this area. Very beautiful Marta,

let’s fix Alçiçek’s dowry from you . Are the Turks who raided around Karaağaç the Turks who entered the village of Makri ? Let Tez Turgut inform you! Sisters Ayşe come on! What does Alçiçek say? Batur bro! Let me know from Ökten! How can this be my uncle Batur alp is on duty to protect the Christians There is peace, which Turkmen Osman violates the lord’s order and attacks Makri! Do not be afraid, obviously there is something wrong with this, Alps!

Tez obaya Alçiçek thesis obaya! I don’t know who you are.

But if the blood of our alps is on your hands, you have no salvation. Your men burned the village and took the gold, and I took their lives. Blood is paid for with blood . If I wasn’t here for peace, I would take your life. I will take your life and these dogs too! Bad dog! Okten Bey, let him stop! Mr. Ökten! Mr. Ökten! I know your pain, I also lost a lot of life in my camp! I gave so many martyrs with my hands! But not now! Now you will go away. But remember, neither the carnage you have done nor the gold will be with you!

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