Barbarossa Episode 12 In English & Urdu subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 12 In English & Urdu subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 12 In English & Urdu subtitles Mr. Ökten! Turgut Bey, is this death row right? We wo n’t put our alps here. Pray I don’t take your life. The dead you want, our brain Osman, he will come and take it. Not now! Not now! Olof! The moment I put my hand down, it will be the last breath you take, you can’t even let it out! We fight lies and slander as much as we know how to fight, But we always know that the truth will come out sooner or later, if I find you under it, I will rip out your liver with my hands! But now I’ve come for peace.

Don’t worry, our chief is the only one,

Osman Bey will come and take our martyrs. Until then, your breath is numbered. Know your worth. You have no trust in me. Okten Bey, turn to your father. We’ll go, Alps! Lets! For a person to want the Byzantine throne, dynastic blood must flow in their veins. My commanders, my advisors, my blood ties, the heirs, I don’t know where the enemy is. Maybe I’m closest. If you only look at your relatives, you can’t see the big picture . I want to question everyone one by one Don’t worry,

Kantakouzenos daughter Ofelia is now in the arena Ophelia…

Water the arena with your sweat so that it won’t be watered with your blood Remove your shield . Are you their leader? I am Sarkis arena manager I am the most loyal servant of your dynasty So you also fought for my father on that bloody day Yes princess Ofelia we fought against traitors whose lives are worthless to us mortals in exchange for the life of the great Emperor An unexpectedly noble act from slaves Well aren’t you in charge of this arena?

Yes Where were you when those traitors infiltrated the arena?

Where were you when they came through the doors? Where were you when the Emperor’s life was being attempted? Princess Ofelia we- When the Turks came, your move was broken! You’ve changed sides too. No slave would die for a noble, arrest him! Whatever Princess Ofelia wanted… A principality affiliated to the Supreme Emperor Osman Bey attacked the Makri town around Marmaracık and killed the Christian population.

This is not possible! We left our coreligionists at their mercy,

and we would never have trusted Osman from the very beginning! We have a peace treaty, he can’t have done that. Taxes were distributed in Makri, so Osman’s eyes were blinded by gold. This should not stay with him. Is it gold Kantakouzenos? I gave him more! Osman is not the type to do that. I’ll find out what happened. If you let me, I can learn the inside of this . You will go as my deputy, you will find out what is going on and let me know immediately, and I will never come back here without knowing, with your permission. Before that, I have a job to do here.

Hold your breath, son – not your breath! Orhan,

who will hold the reins of his measure ! Get up, you’re ambushed, you’re in the hands of the enemy, and you’ll have your mother heal your wounds Orhan, who doesn’t heal his own wound, ca n’t heal himself. You will do your own thing, so that your neck is thick. Now, put your finger back on . I will do my best to be worthy of my position. You trust your son, Osman Bey, I would see him as small as a son,

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