Barbarossa Episode 17 In English & Urdu subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 17 In English & Urdu subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 17 In English & Urdu subtitles including you, do n’t try to pass me by Sarkis Where is Prince Kantakouzenos? I’m glad we think the same thing If you let me know, I can do more for you. What’s the most you can do, Sarkis? She’s a dynasty I’m much more than you can see princess And you must be happy to serve you The impressive Kantakouzenos went to our lands in the east on my father’s orders It’s safer for the throne not to be here The Turks will attack those who stop the coup before the throne .

What do you brood about, Alaattin? Let alone my teacher ,

I’m very curious, come on, I’m weak, it’s my share to seek knowledge. You look so strong, why do you deal with science instead of fighting? Tell me Alaattin, martyrdom is a very high level, isn’t it? And what… I would like to be a martyr too. If I say to you now, our Master the Messenger of Allah says that the ink of the scholars will be weighed against the blood of the martyrs and the ink of the scholar will be heavier. What would you say to that, Alaattin? Of course, I believe in whatever the Messenger of Allah said,

let alone my teacher, but I do not understand

How can the ink of a scholar be superior to the blood of a martyr? If knowledge is made in order to know Allah and to inform him, it will be alright. Alaattin. We will fight to enjoin good and forbid evil. While we are acting, we quote the verses of the truth and the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah. Can we tell them without knowing it, Alaattin? It cannot be told, my teacher, it cannot be told, of course, we will know for the communiqué, we will know first. You should know that the more ink the scholars spend ,

the less the martyr’s blood is spilled. Destur chick!

This is how you get into office! I’m sorry, but they want to pay for the goods they bought months later. When I want to increase the amount of money I bought, they object. They say that interest is haram, huh? They say they won’t buy anything when I don’t accept, they say, go and trade in the Christian market. He curses anyone who witnesses it. Islam has forbidden halal interest in trade. Then they will pay the price of their fabrics in advance. Sincere merchants who are in trouble will also come to you.

There is a solution that will not make them or you suffer.

Of course, you will determine your wife while selling your property. Months later, if the capital value of your goods increases, you will get your profit from the customer. This is permissible. Let alone my teacher says the truth, but that’s not the point. Knowledge is of course important, my father doesn’t give me a job because he doesn’t trust me. I know I’m not like my brother. Now you’re in my hands, Alaattin Come on. Come on, your Hell is waiting for you…

Who are you bastards! There’s an infiltration! Sir!

Call for help! How many sirs! Are you okay? Sir! They’re coming. Let them come. The pits of hell are waiting for them. What’s going on? Osman Osman You killed our Alps and you wouldn’t even give our funerals You heard right, because you are my interlocutor And you come and ambush us to pick up the martyrs. Your intention is not peace,

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