Barbarossa Episode 2 In English & Urdu subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 2 In English & Urdu subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 2 In English & Urdu subtitles sorry, please be clumsy , what happened to your hand? What was that sound, it must be little guests, the mouse must be a mouse, tiny mouse, how can you make that sound, not one, but there are 3 of them Although one of them is dead, but two of them are still alive There is the horses in the dungeon, you know, Leo Say sir, it will clear the rats altogether. Be careful, you have the healer in your hand show show nothing with you I forget I left the shovel in the fire I wore it we just buried our friends pain Our name is fresh, but I have a duty to wait for the authority of those

who are left from that band. What is the duty that does not come to wait in the day,

Turgut Bey, I will call your father. When Turgut Bey sends him, let’s stop the slander against our martyrs, let us do our job so that we can save you from the black spot that was thrown at you, Taratundur. You seek the truth. We know the truth. Do your duty, slander will embarrass the owner. thick shroud What tax per head pays, I don’t know, I guess this game will take 10 Corners Wow Osman will not take a quarter of it, then the tax of the big village is more than a chest of gold, I say, a big chest of gold, a freckle of gold. Look, Huseyin, look, Buyur Bey,

if the Essah of the race did this job , the gold is in this tribe.

When Huseyin heard about the gold, you froze. We will send a messenger to Sencer Bey. You say the sultan’s beech is the pot, right, sir? This war will lead to war, this war will give us the dominance of trade, today you are the hero in the war Come on, finally you can’t escape, Osman, then you won’t escape either, horses, Ayaz Kalkavan will be your afterlife Ataş, who is skilled enough to smuggle my son out of the new city. He wo n’t leave a trace behind like this. The enemy is new, but they are all the same. What shall we do then ? They will trap us by leaving traces and we will set traps for them. Until we pull it where we want,

the only thing they will give will be souls when they get there cerkutay Boran you

inform you will stop there take Turk’s arrows No Allah u akbar ] my son, you’ve given me your head separately, but int It’s your turn you can’t enter, I can’t let it go, your word will pass in Yenişehir Subaşı knows your place so that you don’t let me get on, my haddimodorum is beyond your imagination, relax, let me do my duty, my puss is sharper than my dagger so you know There is no turning back Subaşı chick shapes this time, this time I don’t show ,

there is no other way for the truth Can’t you hear my word?

What you can’t find in that hotel, do you look for it in your tents? Yiğit Hatun, who made me swallow the dust of her horse , knows how to get out of this issue, and I know that inside. They said, “There is no good or bad, there is evil inside, I know you, I saw you, I know that you will not condescend to this, I know that you will not condescend to this , my Osman Bey, and I’m with you horses since the saying horses, you will struggle in vain chickens let’s go in What is that Greek gold? Turgut Bey These are not ours, wow, wow, I’m fed up, Mr. We trust you,


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