Barbarossa Episode 24 In English & Urdu subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 24 In English & Urdu subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 24 In English & Urdu subtitles Orhan, but you want Aktemur to hear too, right ? Great Rome! People of Holy Rome! The gladiator games of the Supreme Emperor Andro Nikos begin Born to kill, the noblest of warriors, the ax of death, Rifus Shield, a slave born of Mother Niko, tested by a thousand swords , fight for your freedom! Hey why don’t you shout? What was that, Cerkutay, what did you say? I said the silent horse would be very good. It’s not exactly like that, but something like that. It worked. The important thing is that it will start soon

Let’s be prepared. At the end of the day, you will shout my name.

The abolished demonstrations are back Why because Rome needs to be ready for war Rome’s might is also removed will come back like the shows! Let the war begin! You play games, you shed blood for pleasure The traitor has entered his lair… Emperor Andro Nikos will kneel And everyone who supports him will die! The throne will be for the real brave. Today we will shed blood for Rome! My soldiers! The sun will rise again in Rome today!

for Rome! Come on, commander, where have you been?

Here is the true commander of Rome, Sentaor Cecil ! Protect the emperor! Emperor Andro Nikos! The throne belongs to the brave, soldiers attack! Storm! – I’ve had enough, sir. Come on! How dare you traitor do that! Storm! Mr. Osman! He who walks with the wolf learns to howl! Emperor keep up with me Emperor! I will save you from here Emperor How will we get out, Osman Bey? Emperor- Come on! – Come on, Emperor! Sir! Are you okay my guard? – I’m fine. You’re fine, are n’t you?

Good thing I’m a veteran, my veteran Bey! We’re with you,

Emperor, until reinforcements arrive! Okay, protect the Emperor! Protect the emperor! Sentaor Kantokusenos, you vile man! You betrayed the game we created, Kantokusenos! Calm down, Sentaor, I’ll get you out of this situation. You’re going to let me go or I’ll crush you! Don’t miss the degenerate alps Kantokusenos! You won’t talk, and I’ll get you out of the dungeon. You’re late. And I caught the traitor just right . Neither the braves nor we have the strength to endure, Osman Bey! We will stand, but where are the soldiers next to you? The attacker drove them away, too.

They’ll be here soon, Dog! Who is behind you? Talk!

Learning this will not prevent your end. The throne will be its true owner! You will talk! Throw in the dungeon! Crush it well so that it comes to mind! Osman, I would like to welcome you in my palace. It’s good that you invited us, we weren’t invited when we came. Let’s go. Good, do you consider the most remote stall of the big market worthy of us, Ayşe lady! Bengi Hatun, will there ever be such a thing? The stalls are separated according to the goods. This place is suitable for you too. I don’t want this place. Let him give us the stalls at the entrance! Babes!

What’s going on here ladies? Your voice will be heard beyond the market. she has no flaws Alçiçek Bengi is the daughter of the lady Welcome Download Mashallah mashallah! We trusted your word and we came.

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