Barbarossa Episode 29 In English & Urdu subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 29 In English & Urdu subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 29 In English & Urdu subtitles The dungeon is here. First, we need to find out the number of soldiers to enter the dungeon. Let’s divide the work. Let the rest of us disperse while a few of us are looking for them, Cerkutay, let you open the corridors with the dungeon. When will we know how many soldiers there will be, Aygül sisters should blend in with the people with good advice, no one should doubt it, don’t worry, they walk in the snow, they don’t show their tracks Come on Cerkutay, is that how you will carry that shield to your Turkish arrows?

I asked you, will you protect the lands against the shield like this?

Take it away, hang it No sir, I want to die fighting for nothing, then carry that shield as befits a Roman soldier because if you don’t , we will all perish today. they killed everyone, women, priests, children, they confiscated the goods they never deserved, they burned the churches, they destroyed the shops The deceased is dead Everyone who remains is a slave But I will not allow this. Your Emperor has sent me to protect you. Tell everyone in the city what I’ve told you here .

They should be afraid of the Turks like a monster.

Invite them to the resistance. Now I need everyone, not just those who hold a sword. I sent Aryus’s head, I took Nikola’s head in front of your eyes Now, let the traitor Barkın’s head in us see Ahval and know who is next So I have my head on the end of the sword ha It doesn’t matter The safety of the people of Yenişehir is what matters, I delivered Yenişehir to me with beauty Let neither soldiers nor civilians be harmed The leaders of the city, the commanders, I can’t decide on my own, Osman Bey, how can I trust you? respite Don’t try your best but s When the essence ends, the pusats come out of their sheaths Come on,

they protect the dungeon well.

There are two corridors leading to the dungeon, both of them are soldiers. Did you see the auburn Abdal and the master Davut? We will enter the dungeon in that turmoil. If they are late, Shall we enter the Thesis We can’t handle it silently Ayşe Hatun Or we’ll all be exposed If they wanted to kill, they wouldn’t put him in the dungeon Obviously, they will interrogate us . You fought, since you are in the dungeon, you obviously ate an arrow to your side, but it is in your heart, tell me what is Osman’s game.

How many people do you have? He will be defeated,

you will be defeated I will crush you all like bugs I will smash you into pieces until you make you talk Search everywhere, obviously there are others Osman’s game will explode in your hands You’re welcome sir Kumral Abdal are you okay Osman is standing at our door with a strong unit Commander Romanos We will surrender the city Do we give up sir? – Never Wars are not always won with strong soldiers Ayzek Sometimes they are won with strong traps When Osman finds out that we are going to surrender the city, he will stop attacking, and when he lowers his swords,

we will shatter him in the square of Yenişehir with our soldiers and archers Well, if it doesn’t help if we surrender the city and Osman attacks anyway, Osman will not attack .

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