Barbarossa Episode 6 In English & Urdu subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 6 In English & Urdu subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 6 In English & Urdu subtitles it’s your horn’s debt. The end of the world Yes, while is a state that the sentence will rule the world in your hands is my trust, my father is ready, sir, do not ask where you come, this is the radar, I still can’t hear tomorrow evening, you are also the brain Obasi from tomorrow evening, next to Turgut Bey Here you go brother I’m in the other kut. We will not go The burden of slander is too heavy, they tasted coma in our mouth, they ripped out our liver

But what suits us is not Despair

The end of the matter is not No at all I don’t trust Osman a whit The headlights will be one, the lips will be plaster, Your father will burn it too, mother. If we make a mistake, Osman Bey, if our safety is the best, you know, my father has always remembered him well, he has helped us a lot now According to the eyes, what my father is worth , let him throw a stone, whatever he says, he will throw it Alçiçek ş Now he will stand up to the emperor and support your father,

have I lived through what we have been through for days,

what confidence do you talk about Alflower We will come to your bosom from here Are you afraid, will you take the one who has fear in your heart with you Osman Bey Besides, we have not seen the phrase “We wandered around in the hands of that yellow headlight, But Osman Bey, we did not see the phrase, such a beautiful city is also beautiful, but the moves that we will make in peace will discipline them. Will we both do it for the end time, my thing.”

Human beings take the devil to their souls,

they become jealous of their brothers and sisters. They become envious. You may say that the Prophet who dropped Yusuf into the well, but what does the envy of that beautiful Nebi do to us, my dear Yusuf’s brothers were deceived by the devil, he was so deceived that Prophet Yaqub’s love for Yusuf was so great that his brothers This is why They were so jealous of him that they tried to kill his brothers, so they tried to kill his brothers, they brought that beautiful face with them and threw him into a well, they brought his bloody shirt to his father, they brought Yusuf to his father.


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