Barbarossa Episode 7 In English & Urdu subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 7 In English & Urdu subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 7 In English & Urdu subtitles Yusuf’s brothers tell lies After that day, the eyes of Hazrat Yakub, which hurt from crying, but it happened. Eyes that did not see Yusuf should not see the world, he said, envious of their father’s love, and they gave their biggest problem to the well. on the other hand, he got out of the well, became a slave, fell into slander, fell into dungeon, but even in his heart, Yusuf came out of the dungeon alive and became the governor of Egypt. the face of the prophet various hardships

But it was not you who brought me here.

and he had mercy on his brothers and forgave them whatever happened to him , he knew that it was from Allah, he did not see any explanation, be patient, be patient in the best way windows Everything that our Lord has given is good, we see some of them sadly, finally, the good in you becomes clear to us Prophet Yusuf’ It is this surrender that bases so much gratitude on. Let the stories of the messengers of the flesh and the hadiths of our rose-faced Prophet be your permanent guide excitements, you got your shares for today alone,

brown hair Akdag Just look in which province the

Turk was alone, the intelligence agency we established and it started a study I’ll go to the arena, you ‘ll go to the palace, let’s live or die. Thank God, but let the Emperor live so that you don’t sit on the throne we don’t want God’s leave, I do my best we’re ready aren’t it’ll be over today come on odin’s death-bringing ravens [Applause ] I’m a doctor , I came to heal you, we can’t let you in. Look at the door for the emperor’s watch, what are those voices, let’s find out who you are. According to what I heard, since there are proofs of gold from this tribe, you chopped it under them, you put the gold on me, huh?

What people do you come here with, let’s go here,

will you invite this rascal to our camp and host it in our tent Turgut Bey, the blood of my uncle’s horses has not dried yet. Everyone will wait calmly until the place where he will wait is mine if it is not quite so we will wait here has found us don’t worry princess We will get you out of here follow me Obviously Osman Bey will not come Turgut bey justice I want you to hand over Ökten Bey to me so that he can find his place, do n’t you hear, we will wait for Osman Bey, nothing will be done before Osman Bey comes, kantakus alone, Osman Bey has a word for me for this soul, you will deliver it to me.

I will take him to his hearth in this plain, freedom fighters

I’ve come to the end of the road Princess Hotel or slaves n I will not betray the emperor Who are you pointing your sword at when my father is healed you will all give account You can’t get a princess who teaches your job You will see all around them whoever I throw my ax at, I find you in front of me Osman’s ax is always directly at your side. Now you are watching the traitor princess , did any of your right uncles jump out of difficulty with slander?

will come out But you will stay If I stay If I stay to kill you will end where it started Everyone who resists us will perish My fire will burn you I don’t know but as long as you’re in front of me kü


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