How to Edit and Unsend Text Messages on an iPhone?

It is amazing how easy it is to send text messages. We can now just use our iMessage app for texting. The features of the app are great, and even though it’s so simple, it does have some really helpful tips that you should follow when editing your message. There are times when you want to undo what has been done or even delete a response. In this article I will be talking about how to edit text messages on an iPhone. You will see that not all iPhones have access to this feature at all, and some have a problem with the option not being available in certain states.

To do this, we’ll need to open up our messaging app on our computer and go to Settings > General >Reset. Scroll down > Send & Receive > Under this tab, there’s a box next to each and every message. One of them says, “Edit Message.” The reason why this option is under this section is because if you don’t want your messages to be sent in this section, you can just select a different section. You have to be careful how you select this one, however, as it is completely optional and doesn’t always work correctly.

I always choose Notifications > Select All > Open Notification and then press Send. This way, every time we want to edit something, it will be sent to these new sections rather than my default notification area. I also have another method if I want to edit more than one message. That should help you get through the process a little easier. Here’s the link to see it.

Settings > Messages > Notifications > Add New Message > Add New Message > Click Ok and when everything is completed, you should have just added an additional change to your message. If you want to send two messages and want to make sure that they are all received first, you can just tap your name and hit the button again like below, and then you will be taken to add the second message as well. You can even keep them separate, like in the image above. Just choose “Send as Different” and after the changes, go back to sending them. When you receive your messages with both messages, it will also update both automatically.

To make sure that you don’t forget an important detail of your original response, you can scroll through and click the red ellipsis icon like this below. This way, whenever the original message pops up on the screen, you will be prompted to respond, or if your message was already replied to, it will reply too as soon as it can. This is very handy if your message gets deleted or lost.

Messages > Red ellipsis/Delete Message > Add Message > OK on your keyboard Now when you want to edit another message, just go to Settings > Messages > Red ellipsis > Edit Message > hit OK. All of your messages are now in the same section, so the only thing left to do is to write them out with all the information you need.

Settings > Messages > Red ellipsis/Edit Message > Write Out Message > Red ellipsis again > Write Message > Red ellipsis again > Repeat and finally hit send. That’s all for it!

If you want to take notes on how to edit messages on your phone, then here is a guide that will help you out by reading through the steps in detail.

  1. Go to Settings > Messages > Notes > Under Notebook > Record and Add Note > Use Text Messages to record the history (if needed) > Choose a note type > From Folder. Or whatever folder you want to save your notes in > To. (It might look an awful lot like “To. Folder” but it’s easier to read). This way when you send someone a text you can add the message to a folder. Once this has finished being added to your message you can access it in any note type you want which most people prefer. Be sure to select Notes > Show hidden notes. For example, if you’re using Apple Notes then you can find your old messages in their own folders called Secret Messages.
  2. Tap on a new message > New Message > Start typing messages > Type a name to describe your message > You can leave the settings if you want to but if you want to change things later on then be very sure if it’s necessary. If you want to reply or edit a message please remember to click Reply, otherwise it will end up in your previous message so you might not see it again. Another tip is to ignore notifications when we want to send messages on our phones.
  3. To show notes when we receive messages on our text messages we have set up our Notifications setting. Set Up your Notifications > IOS > Head to Notification > tap the 3 dots > Now tap Set up > Choose Add Notification. Make sure you have selected App Name > Apple ID > and Security Groups and select Create an alert > Choose Notification Algorithm > Always (or Never) > Change it to Priority > Choose Read and write a description of the Notification > tap Done. Now when you receive a message you will see that you have notified the Notifier.
  4. To write your notes out whenever you like and view them in whatever folder you want you can go into Notifications > IOS > Head to My Notification > To Folder > Choose a Folders and then choose a specific folder for the notes you have.
  5. Lastly this will help you understand how to edit text messages on your iPhone without ever touching your keyboard just use the options you need.



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