How to Take a Screenshot on Your Mac : 4 Ways to Capture Your Screen

Nowadays, whenever you do your work on a computer, the only way that you can save your screen is by using the screenshot function. After all, it’s easy to capture a screen when I need to take some pictures or even for fun!

Many people think that they don’t have any ability to take screenshots on their computers, especially if they’re working on another system. However, I assure you that there are ways to capture your screen using four different ways.

  1. Use Xtray Screen Capture For Windows / Command + U
  2. Using Screen Capture Tool in Apps In macOS
  3. Taking Screenshots With An Image Editor Or with Powerpoint
  4. Making Screenshots From Desktop Computer

1.Use Xtray (for Mac) ScreenCapture.

I’m not sure if this one works, but I guess so far so good! In the screenshot function of Apple products, we can find two things that work like a charm… Screen Capture Tool and an App called Xtray Screen Capture. It works like a charm on both Mac OS X and Mac computers.

This App includes various useful tools, such as screen record, display, copy to clipboard, etc. The main thing I like about Xtray Screen Capture is that it supports more than ten popular images/files and provides a lot of free options in terms of image size. There are also many kinds of screen capture apps in the market to use these features. So, for example, you can just type anything on the keypad and the app will convert it to a standard PNG snapshot or png image. You can also choose from over thirty different file sizes for images. That’s why Xtray has become my favorite tool for taking screenshots.

To get Xtray Screen Capture, make a start purchase on their website. When you buy it, you get 100X Screen Capture software which allows you to export up to 2,000 files at once. As for me, I like this particular software because it makes my video editing process much faster.

2.Bypassing your monitor

If you want to take a photo of your wall in your room, then you need to know how to bypass the window of your monitor. Most of us are used to doing so manually, and maybe, that’s how our eyes work or maybe, that’s what we’ve been told to do. But what if you know how to bypass your monitor? Don’t worry, you don’t need special programs, all you need is some practice.

First, turn off your computer and press F12.

Open Xtray Screen Capture and click Open Window.

When you see this window appear on your monitor, press Enter.

Now, you could press F12 again to open it from where you left it. It is easy to perform this action. We should be very careful while performing this action, otherwise, the result is a failed attempt. What if your machine crashes? Does anyone know about this, please tell us in the comment box.

You can also type this command on the terminal:

scp -r *.jpg/*.png *.png –scpa *

3.Scooting out of your desktop

Let’s say you need to grab a document or something else from your desk. But first, let’s know what you can do. If you’re lucky, you might have noticed that everything is hidden within your screen. This is exactly how one would look on your screen.

If you’re not lucky, no worries! Just follow the below-mentioned steps to achieve this goal.

First, close all other windows. Then, go into the Applications folder. Next, select View All.

Now, navigate to File->Scrapping>To Scraper.

Now, right-click your desired document. It will be taken to you. Do that carefully to bring it up to you.

Once done carefully, select your destination folder.

You’re all set!

4.Make your screen on your system

If any of you are wondering exactly what you can do. Well, don’t fear, just follow the above instructions and don’t forget to keep several tabs open. You can do that either through a web browser or in whatever application you like. As easy as that!

To make a screenshot:

Type xem and hit enter. A blank page appears. That’s it for now. And that’s it! Now, you might think that I have too much to say on this topic. So, what are you waiting for?! Please give up your precious moment and try to watch what you’re doing. Try to write down the words on your notebook and then come back to this article and share your thoughts freely in the comments. Maybe someone will read it and help you to improve your skills.

Hope you liked it and my dear readers, if you have any doubt in respect to this article, feel free to contact me! Thanks!!!

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