Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 13 In English & Urdu subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 13 In English & Urdu subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 13 In English & Urdu subtitlesGet ready, we will go to Constantinople, my lads. Mashallah to my son Mashallah Mashallah to my brother Ee Alaattin, what is your duty? No, I don’t have a duty, do n’t you say that, my brother-in-law, my brother-in-law, Dursun gave you to the faq to be the foundation of the state he will establish, You say it’s right, brother Osman Bey said this, Let the preparations be complete. Kutan, it’s time ,

you’re ready like a coach, alps, mashallah,

your provisions are here, Cerguday Look, I ‘m not hungry, I’m not hungry, I won’t eat. There was also beef tongue If you don’t want it, I’ll take them. Look, won’t you take Cerkuday? I say so Cer-gu-day Eat big boy, you won’t eat, but who will? cek You eat, I’ll cook you, I’ve sent you off so many times, but every time I say goodbye to you for the first time , my lord. I was going to say, May your path be clear, may your path be clear, my lord, may God help you, you will be victorious.

Thank you, Bismillah, alps, come on!

My Alaattin didn’t look very good, how is he now? He’s very resentful, but he’ll be fine, I hope you don’t mind, My Bala, Osman has a brain, he knows, of course, Alaattin will understand it. We will go to the market to inspect the goods that will come to the market. We need to inspect the goods beforehand. You have thought well, Come on then Take it easy – Take it easy Come on, ladies, I don’t want any setbacks. Tomorrow in Rome, the sun will rise again.

This is the boat we will cross, sir.

We will arrive in Constantinople when it gets dark. be blessed Amen sir – Amen! Good luck to your hands ladies and cheeses are very good Let’s look at these saddles until Bengi Hatun comes Aktemur Dengeli looks like she doesn’t look Let’s see her on the horse Her bottom is very thin she will be thick so that the horse will sweat Didn’t you tell us where Bengi is we’ve been informed but welcome Malhun lady If we had news, we would have greeted you well.

There is no need for our cold ayran,

we did not come to sit down. We came to inspect the goods to be sold in Bacıyan market. But we are not very happy with what we saw, Bengi hatun , what is the state of these saddles? How can I get my alp to the market when I can’t ride it, Malhun chick! Alflower Come on, give me your most skillful alp, so that I can show you how to ride a horse with that saddle you don’t like, and how it can be reared. There is no need, my daughter, is there permission, Malhun chick, you should follow me.

There is a big tree coming out of Oba .

– Lets! Now it’s time to show your skill Kayı alpi Let him say your name before he gets you in the dust I want to know who I will beat Gündüz bey’s son Aktemur Thank you Aktemur bey Come on! ! Mashallah very well suited to my daughter See you Malhun chick I beat the alpine with that saddle you don’t like I see I see Alpine I see Alflower of course Mashallah you are a true rider But you don’t even see the wound of the horse that will become your toy The reason why Aktemur is left behind is his mercy

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