Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 18 In English & Urdu subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 18 In English & Urdu subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 18 In English & Urdu subtitles The armor you wear on you cannot restrain the anger flowing in your blood! Scatter your anger as death! Odin wants it! Olof wants it! Death… They are coming to Sega. You are coming to your death waiting for you, my brothers Osman! Lets go! Good luck with your workbench. Thank you Alçiçek chick, you’re mine. Who are you? I’m the cook of Ulgen Osman Bey’s mansion .

The valiant who will take me was not born from the

womb of his mother Ülgen sister Mashallah mashallah but that will never be known. What kind of valiant do you want? Look, for example, when I sit down, I want to win, win and eat food. I didn’t think before, but I don’t like it that easily. Once the time comes, I want a valiant who will be as good as me. Is it Aktemur, who was covered in the dust of my horse, Mashallah, you didn’t forget,

Let me take care of my mother Okay,

by Allah, this is okay, my Lord, I will make the home of these two of your servants, so you can make the home of this Ulgen servant, Amen So Sega is after Osman, Sentaor is already dead. did you succeed? How did he master all this? Sarkis Osman’s man , I will continue to close your gaps Alps ambush! Be on the alert, Osman, fight me like a real soldier! Fight so that you die early! It is very common for the dog to bark when he sticks a club in it…

Especially not until the Alps reach Yenişehir,

don’t feel sorry for anyone! Kill whoever comes your way. Attack! Come on God! – God is right! Your death will make the hearts of all your friends tremble! See if you see a face with a trembling heart around it. You will drown in your own blood! All those who say this are under the ground. My place is not under the ground, it is Odin’s table. Do you think it hurts?

When you take your life, you won’t have a life to burn!

They will come for you Osman They will come for you – Let them come Let them come This land is a home for those who come friendly, and a grave for those who are hostile! I promise them the gold of this land, Alps , pack up, we’ll go to Yenişehir Thank you, sir, The Soldier is coming!  No Brother Brother! Sega!  No no! Right! Osman killed Sega Osman… My brother,

my brother! Flowing waters will take you fairy girls to

welcome you Now your homeland is Valhala. Baltan is a gift to Odin, blood is not yours, we are yours. Say hello to Odin. My little brother But I swear to you, if Odin turns his back on me for revenge, I will walk with the demons! I will not stop until a thousand blood has been spilled! The enemy is different, their weapons are different, new, but I will exterminate them!

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