Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 23 In English & Urdu subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 23 In English & Urdu subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 23 In English & Urdu subtitles The place where we will meet with you one day We got together Aygül We got married We have children Aygül where is this is my future place I will wait for you here No way Aygül let’s go Let’s go we will live together we will die together let’s go Aygül let’s go to our children Aygül Aygül Aygül I found it difficult so it wouldn’t be easy Aygül You will come too I’m Cerkutay But not now I ‘m Cerkutay nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing Well,

let me go and look around Ayşe Hatun,

now it’s our duty. If you add this to their meals, they will not be able to open their eyes for a whole day. Come on Bismillah blood is worthy of sacrifice Sister competes with soldiers in martyrdom. Let’s sit down and continue your work What did you do, Balaban Bey, those armored splits are there, Boran Bey had them made for them Boran – Sir Mashallah you did a good job Thank you sir, he will both pierce the armor and take the city for us, God willing. I hope I hope

I hope there is news from the ambassador of my

Romanos will remain free. There is also one condition of Commander Romanos. We are grateful to you, Osman Bey, as the new owner of Yenişehir. They said we will surrender, but you will not fall for them . Henna is the tradition of Cerkutay Bacıyan. We sacrifice ourselves to the country before the war. Don’t leave me. Come on , they were surrendering. What are they doing? They won’t surrender, they set traps. The bastards don’t know anything but the game. The dungeon is empty.

There are few soldiers.

It seems that they will pile them all here. If the soldiers pile up, Osman’s arrival is near. Let’s go to the dungeon with Aygül to take down the people on the roof . Since Seher, you will go this way with the sisters Let’s get your bow and arrow ready Come and wait Hey wait Where are you going They have been injured There are injured people you are needed outside Come on take care of your hand brother Come on Cerkutay you will go this way we will go from here ok no we will go

together you say you don’t have time,

we don’t know if the people in the dungeon provide or not, come on Aygül – Come on Cerkutay, come on, my God, protect my Aygül, what’s wrong with you Aygül? May it be halal my Aygül may it be halal may you be halal may my Bala be halal Come on Tez come, I will finish you and catch up with Aygül. Thank goodness we found you all right, Aygül lady behind you, I’m enough, crazy girl, is there any news from Osman, thank goodness he comes. Everyone should take over their duties as before,

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