Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 6 In English & Urdu subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 6 In English & Urdu subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 6 In English & Urdu subtitles Stop! Stop stop stop! I will talk You opened the doors to them, come on, admit it, let your death be fast We and the Turks save the Emperor, the Turks are gone, now we are here and you princess want to eliminate us who prevented the coup You wanted to kill the Emperor, didn’t you? Are you accusing me of trying to kill my father? So you were the one who will take the throne after the Emperor’s death.

But you failed.

You will pay for this disrespect, Soldiers! Princess Ofelia, I always have my secret weapon and secrets. But I am as pure as the day I was created against you . Get up. But I’m not one to kill his father either. I’m always at your service, princess Ofelia. And who is this? Princess Ofelia Princess Ofelia What’s going on here? The interrogation continues. We are looking for the traitors of Kantakouzenos. What did he tell you? He told that the Emperor wanted to be killed. But he didn’t know who did it.

Did he also tell you how he put the traitors in the arena?

Did Sentahor tell you what he was doing while stationed? He didn’t tell Arena, what happened under his responsibility, Prince Kantakouzenos, let him go now! We have nothing more to learn from these, But obviously there are others we need to question! These things are dirty and bloody. Don’t worry, I’ll catch them all and punish them. Prince Kantakouzenos Orhan is alive and Dan is captured by Osman.

The cloud of fog rises I’ve thought of every possibility,

I’ve won in all probability. I ‘m on my way tomorrow, let’s go and clear this fog, let’s see your eyes on Ofelia and Sarkis, my Alps! Blood only washes with blood! Come on for the vengeance of the martyrs! Mr. Öktem, the husband of Kargı, go and see . If you came to help our Ceng, let him come. But if you came to stop him, don’t try. Boran is Osman Bey’s order . Are you going to make me shed the blood of a brother instead of avenging the blood of martyrs?

The edict is clear, no one with a pusat will come out of the camp!

If you don’t stop, the pusat will be drawn and the blood will shed, Mr. Öktem. Then the sin is gone from me . Stop it! Mr. Oktem! Boran alp. My sheikh , you will walk on the fitna, Mr. Öktem, you should not let my sheikh open my way. Evil will appear on the road you will arrive at. At the time of sedition, sitting is better than a standing person, and standing is better than walking. Let Öktem sit down. Let Öktem sit down. My sheikh is right! Welcome, my sheikh –

Thank you, breaking each other is the first wish of the enemy.

You are the reason for what we are going through, how can you say patience? Who are these subasi? The news came in the morning, while they were going to attack Orhan Bey, Osman caught him. First, the village raid, an ambush to Orhan, they obviously attack from all sides. Let the lowflower stop! I will not put my uncle’s blood on the ground. Beng chick! Beng chick! Stop it, get out of my way Bala chick, they slaughtered our Alps! They took my brother from me! Calm down, retreat, Alps! Download the pusats Give me that dog! They have the blood of our alps on their hands* They didn’t even give us our martyrs .

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