Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 33 In English & Urdu subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 33 In English & Urdu subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 33 In English & Urdu subtitles Selvi’s death will remain in my heart for a lifetime But knowing that that dog won’t breathe while my half is out of breath, Osman Bey, but I didn’t get what I wanted. There is a traitor among the gentlemen who are subject to me And it works with Cebe. Maybe I didn’t need it, or that dog’s death gave me more than enough information. Well, if you know who you are, you can cut your punishment quickly.

Neither Kayı nor Kızılbeyoğulları will suffer such a pain again .

Is he the only one? k Who is that traitor, Romanos and Cebe will all work for the same person Since Cebe is dead, Romanos will speak Meanwhile, the enemies outside and the treacherous conquests inside will not be able to prevent Barkın Bey, we will tear out Yenişehir, Thank you, sir. When will the mother kick you? What happened, you got very excited I know I can’t stand it so that the main thesis will grow I hope I’m Alaattin Oh

I hope my mother will have a baby everyone’s test is different.

My heart is big, my own little son, so tell me how the drills go, do you have a cuddle drill with your mother, I’m not capable of pulling a cuddle with Bala’s head, mother, I know my place, my Osman – Alaattin Alaattin. he knows, but it’s not an easy job to make a pusat with Bala. His men are sharper than the pusat, son. You look tired, my lord. No, when I caress my children’s hair and look into their eyes,

I never feel tired. Alaattin son, you will have another brother

He’s so impatient, time passes , it doesn’t pass, it never goes away, either to me or to me. Every child comes with a different excitement and settles in my heart. But I love all of you. Mashallah Come, let’s see, let’s come, my Bala, Aunt Ayşe, you are not pregnant, what are you doing in the war, do n’t be afraid, my son, our duty is different, my Aladdin, do you know how many times your mother swung a sword while you were in your mother’s womb?

It’s not such a big war and you don’t have to worry,

I will go ahead with the sisters, I will protect the mothers, they will return safely Inshallah, Mashallah, the ladies are prepared in advance , Honey, it’s good to be careful. why do they go to war d You’ll be fine. Mothers get tired. They get hurt, but they don’t give up. For what? In order for you to wake up to a better morning, let’s see, it’s up to you to stay here and pray for us, don’t you mother, pray so that we can return safely Come on, I’m ready .

Honey, your mother will take you to the sisters, But not now – Go well.

You go and let’s pray after you, right, sister, before the war, the children should pray to their parents. You say right, my brothers, let’s pray that they come safe and sound. He met Romanos in Yenişehir. You said that he is the traitor who is dealing with him, I hope we found him, sir, I hope he can do business without knowing Barkın. The impudent Osman is here too. My father will cut off your head after Turgut. He cooperates with the enemy Just so that Ali Bey does not stand behind us Of course, he is the enemy in the end. That is his nature.

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