Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 59 In English & Urdu subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 59 In English & Urdu subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 59 In English & Urdu subtitles Our range is Bursa, Sons. The traces end here, but why you do not watch our property, you know the way, and they consider you the protector of İnegöl, Turgut Bey. What is your intention? Do you want to drive me mad? My intention is to express the truth by not keeping it in my heart. Even if it’s not enough, you’re stuck behind a guy, I walk the path of what you call “Herif.” You know what he’s saying, old Turgut Bey,

you talk a lot, let’s see, don’t let me waste your life .

Turgut These are not from us, alps, treat your pusats You are not that strong Turgut Bey, what are you doing, they are tight-lipped men, they must not hurt Mustafa, all our moves will be in vain There is no obligation for you to live Moreover, we are seeking revenge here, and if you were golden Ahmet, Osman would never have believed it Well done Ayzek, you are smarter than Aryus

You don’t need thousands of weapons to win a war

Sometimes only one dagger is enough Sir, someone is coming Well then, let’s go and they too Let them kill each other. You track well. Do they also teach you to track in the Kayı clan? From this side, Yenişehir is the key for Bursa, so I will take Yenişehir first. But Mr. Ali, we need your support too. If I don’t support such a blessed ideal, what will my principality be? Is there a destur, sir?

Here they come.

The eagle of the Caucasus is famous. Turahan In my narrowest hour, Shamil took the lives of those who tried to kill me . Hey mashallah valiant ones, how does the wind blow in the Caucasus, if a drop of blood flows in the Caucasus, half a drop of blood falls here, half of it falls to the Caucasus . What is it? It is a gas that drives a Turkish horse. We came to take blood, shed blood, give life, you say, other gentlemen, they all walk on each other, but my Osman’s face is always facing the west ,

we will fight until the west

our east and our Islamic banner flutters all over the world. A stone will not touch your feet Inshallah Mashallah, are there any Desturs to these braves, my lord, Let’s come, Kutan Bey, they raided the caravan of Ali Bey There are quite a few dead and injured, Prince Mustafa’s abbess came after them Everyone knows how much I care. Am I wrong when I know? Oh, Osman Bey, don’t keep your eyes on the future without securing your way. My Lord gave us strength and we ended the persecution in these lands. Whoever harms my guest’s property and life, it is clear what will happen to him.

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