Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 74 In English & Urdu subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 74 In English & Urdu subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 74 In English & Urdu subtitles Then you make your decision. Huh you know why I called you here? This is the last day of the church. It is the custom of conquest. The biggest temple of the castle is converted into a mosque. So say your last prayer. Osman. Osman. You would see, brother. It was such a battle Auburn Abdal used to tell us about Badr, Khaybar It was as if I was in those times. Ah! What are you doing?

You bled more when you said I’d wrap the wound.

What are you talking about as if you don’t know how much I want to participate in this war, Aladdin? I already missed it. And don’t crush my heart by honeying it! I’m sorry. My fault. No Holofira he wasn’t lucky. What is it because of you? But here’s Aladdin told such a story I’m heartbroken. “I wish I was too.” I said. You will be fine bro. Many more wars and many conquests await us. Bursa awaits us. Constantinople awaits us.

I hope you will always be with them.

We will be, bro. We’re going to hit back to back. None. It won’t be like this. I will inform Kumral Abdal. Aygul. Aygul. There’s nothing left for brunette to do. It’s time. You call Osman. Summon Osman. Don’t, Dad. Not now. We just got back. We just got together, dad. Vote! Son. My father. I’m a victim. No. Do not Cry. Don’t cry. Your father’s prayers have been answered, son. Your father was martyred in the war. No don’t cry. My Ayşe. -My Ayşe. -Daytime. My Ayşe.

Don’t you cry too? Look,

I’m leaving, but I’m leaving you a valiant son like a wolf. I ca n’t be bothered. It’s daytime. What would I do without you, Day? huh? Ayşe. My eye is swollen. You’ve always been a good wife to me. I’m happy with you. God bless you too. My Lord let it not separate us in the hereafter. Don’t bother. Dad. My father. My sisters. Once upon a time we had a lot of bickering, didn’t we? You too. My right is halal, Gündüz brother. You too.

My right is halal, Gündüz Bey.

Turgut Bey. Use some of this gold to repair damaged parts of the castle. And the rest to those who were hurt in the war. But Inegol needs to be bloodied and revived. That’s why let the trade begin as soon as possible. Escrow will be protected at the cost of my life. I hope people will be well. Hopefully. Oh, and it’s your duty to turn this church into a mosque. We will certainly not forget the non-Muslims. Let’s build a church in accordance with their faith.

Don’t look behind.

Thanks. Aygul. Not good. Let Osman continue to linger with his little victory. The war is just beginning. I’m going to play him such a trick even the devil will be jealous. I am waiting for your orders, Mr. Barkın. Osman thinks he has defeated the Tekfurs. Now you go to Bursa Tekfur and give this letter. Husamettin. Sir. Praise Osman’s victory to Bursa Tekfur. Tell him Osman has declared himself the patron of all Turkmens and even the border region . When you read this letter Tekfur will be hostile to Osman.

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