Teskilat Season 3 Episode 52 With Best English Urdu Subtitles

Teshkilat With Urdu English Subtitles

Teskilat Season 3 Episode 52 With Best English Urdu Subtitles

Yes, come on, I came to share and inform us, Google. One of the Play Store’s only country cameras came to the stove with you, and I want to meet This is why they came here, infidels; the crime is serious, and a very interesting person remains: his brother Sultan Tugrul told Zeyd, “You must see your palace.””Don’t you listen to me, I don’t know, sir, I don’t know.” Cagri Bey: “What an interesting person to his brother to understand that the greatness of his reign you have to see with your own eyes what the hell is that?”Only among the Turks are four behind us. Don’t enter with the military, I think, sir, right now. What did you see now? You’re welcome to stay at Gunpowder and their staff will be there in a moment. This is good. I’m doing oh, oh, natural.

You wait here until the ball is thrown. No, immediately.

I can’t let us come in alone. Is there joy in agreeing to meet with me? Thank you, Mr. Call. You wonder why I came here. You want to agree that I came here to talk to you too. What did you say to the machine? To me Did something happen? Are you ill or are you at school?Hey, you dropped it here and spent it. I will bring them with you or not. It’s almost gone. And what are those Byzantine artefacts doing here? has Let’s take a closer look now that more falls have formed.But do these people understand the bitterness of the Alpha box?If I could ask, how would they know? What will you say to Aydan, and how will you approach him?Come on, they moved inside, maybe one of them. Alpagut mother: But come,

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For God’s sake, our ears are with you; this is the deal again.

You tell me we are alone in the same car as you today. Teskilat Season 3 Episode 52 With Best English Urdu Subtitles What we discussed while waiting for the future, I thought, got a little bit on it.If you want the truth, it used to be that this was the only full one. If you don’t bet on fate, Byzantium is like a nightmare. Does it crash? I say both this direction to the west because those years turned and moved in that direction, and I’m also king on this road you want to go. Standing in front of you like my seneschal, I will not cut, but when we set off, who was in front of us that could cut our way? You will cut this, but you will not cut.

I understand that you won’t like it. Say it, Tekfur.

I We come to you, my mouth to your heart, sudden and bassy, to let you know that even a safe passage through the territory will suffice.What will you want in return? I learned it from a Muslim merchant friend of mine. Turks’ thing is never out the door; he didn’t step on a donkey while he was passing everything I want from the west: Ali, his wife, at the rate of passing through the door and Prime Minister Pez to pass his lands to your breast, or in short, to you, me, and our land, I want this protection.Is It Ramadan?He addressed me as sir.So it was rum in the lands of the Bass, sent by the Butcher to the Armenians living in the Panda rather than Turks.Now that

I have annexed the novel lands. I want to regain my independence with your help, and I also don’t want any union against them; we had to be in it together, and now you’re standing in front of me; I tried so hard not to kill you. Episode 51


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