The Galaxy Z Fold & Flip Upgrades

Back in March of my freshman year, I received a notification on my phone that it would soon be launching its new version of the Z Fold and Z Flip 5G. As someone who has been using these two smartphones for over five years, they’re both extremely good devices. However, if you’re looking to get your first wireless earbud and change to just the $149 model, then you’ll have to wait until January 21st, 2021. When I first saw this news, I was excited as much as anything else. It’s such an incredible product and the best part is they’re really affordable!

I’m going to go through how I got myself one of those Galaxy Zs through their sale at Best Buy. Plus, I’m going to talk about which features I really like the most while trying to avoid any issues I might encounter when testing out all of these products.

The design

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold & Flip are available in three different sizes: 6.7″ x 9.9″, 7.5″ x 10.7″ and 8.1″ x 13″ on Amazon. Even though they’ve got quite few features, they do offer pretty impressive displays.

The 6.7-inch size is compact, but still has decent storage space. You can carry around a total of 128 GB of data or 12 GB more, depending on the size. The top four models include a 4,000 mAh battery and there’s built-in support for 40 W charging.

The 7.5-inch model is the largest, and even though it’ll only give you 65 GB of memory, it will also hold up your daily life—especially if you don’t plan to use it very often. There’s also the option of picking up the larger 8.1-inch model, adding another 32 GB of storage, but if you want to save that data, then you’ll need to buy the bigger 4GB capacity model.

The price is also pretty reasonable. Like other foldable phones, the Galaxy Z Fold and Flip 5G comes with two major colors: silver and black. Both the Z Fold and Z Flip come in blue, white and green. The prices themselves come in at $139.99 for the base 6.7″ model, $179.99 for the regular 7.5″ version. Now let’s talk about what makes this device unique.

The screen size

While I loved my old foldable G5 from 2013, since it had a full HD display, the Z Fold is my current favorite. My 6.6 inches isn’t any faster than the older models, and it still works smoothly. That said, I noticed the difference in how fast the phone could take some videos or look at web pages—it didn’t feel rushed at all. This may sound weird to say considering most people own an iPhone, so when I got mine, I thought it would make me happy.

The second thing I’m always impressed by is the camera. For instance, it has several zoom lenses for zooming or shooting wide shots. At times, it gets super close and can focus things very precisely. In fact, I would say the image quality is superior to many of the other flip phones I had (and my previous Android ones). What really makes it stand out is the large hole they cut into the back of the smartphone and it works well. I was so amazed to see how crisp everything looks out on the table and other surfaces.

One of the nice things is that the folding method doesn’t leave the phone open like some regular flip phones. Instead, the back of the device folds inward when folded.

The speaker section is quite powerful too. They have four separate speakers—two on each side—which can deliver up to 20W of power. There’s also an USB-C port but no power adapter. All this makes the device an excellent phone for working on the computer as well.

The rear part of the phone is completely made of glass and it creates a comfortable feeling when placed on a desk. So, yes, it has a solid build for durability. I found myself using this over the original G5 as my primary device and I love having it on there so I could work on the laptop.

The price

The last piece that has stood out in me is just the cost itself. Since it’s not as expensive as the others, it should be able to satisfy everyone who wants to keep in contact with the world with nothing at stake.

If you’re looking to buy the smaller form or even a single device, then I’d recommend the latter. If you want to grab something unique and enjoy the same kind of technology, then go for the 8.1-inch model. Either way, I’d do my research and be prepared with whatever decision I make.

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