What Kinds of Travel Insurance Plans Are There in India?

This is an extension of the standard travel insurance plan, so it’s more focused on providing cover for medical emergencies, emergency accommodation, travel to countries not covered under previous travel insurance plans, and other major issues. If you are travelling within some of the destinations that are not covered by any existing travel insurance policies, then this kind of policy covers additional costs.

There are many different kinds of domestic travel plans in India. But before buying such a plan be aware of its key features and benefits.


The Hard to Suspect travel insurance plan is basically a two-year plan and is intended for people traveling at public places or when there are high risks. Such as sports events, concerts, theatre productions, cinemas etc. It has no coverage for personal transportation. You have to submit your passport for checking purposes and provide your address or contact details. The hard to suspect travel insurance plan can also cover a few extra things like pre-existing condition insurance plan, health policies, cancellation for missing tickets and early termination of travel plans. After completing these steps make sure you get your hard to Suspect travel insurance plan.


In order to avail all the services under one general traveler’s plan, you need to choose from three types of match-making methods – namely, biometric matching, identity document tracing, and real person verification. When choosing one general scheme, it should cover the entire trip duration with respect to the specified matches. To identify travel agents and go for their home addresses. Also, one must keep in mind that if there is no physical visit at the airport, and your travel agent is telling you about the same information you should buy the special travel insurance plan along with that. A good travel insurance provider will give you a better understanding of factors which makes your travel insurance plan unique. Once all the above factors are taken into account, you can choose your own travel insurance plan according to your travel needs.


DRG – Domestic Risks cover, covers unexpected occurrences that can cause severe damage to property in your destination area, even if it’s just a minor setback in transit. As far as I am concerned, the DRG category provides best protection on trips where there is a lot of risk taken from bad weather, high crime, natural disasters, accidents (whether by land or air), terrorist attacks, etc. It can cover most common situations when getting out of the city means taking up your safety in dangerous areas. Whereas PRIETTY includes the possibility of unforeseen circumstances, whether due to natural disasters or manmade catastrophes. As a rule, there are 2 levels of insurance, level 1 includes incidents caused by normal hazards, while level-2 covers those which are either self-inflicted or planned, but occur. Thus, it makes sense to select a travel plan that contains both levels 1 and 2. However, do note that if a loss occurs during day time, because of heavy rain, snow, storm, strong winds, sudden wind, and so on, only the second premium level would be payable, whereas one will pay first level premium.


PRIETTY PLUS provides “precious” coverage for travelers who have already paid Rs 20,000 for a ticket from one particular hotel to another. If they don’t want them to cancel the reservations made earlier, then they can use this cover as well. Under this cover you can pay for the stay at hotels by reservation and it is optional to amend and reschedule your original booking without further payment of money. The benefit of this package is that if you book two different accommodations in a country different from where you booked, you will be able to avail only one affordable policy and the rest of the cost would be covered by new price.

There is no change in the room rate (besides standard rates). So what the insurance company says to insure for two different hotels, one at A, B & C, and another at D, E & F are the same. Also, only 5% of premium shall be applicable to the whole accommodation bookings or any other part of tour which include the change in the date and arrival and departure arrangements. The insurance company will claim on your credit card for cancellation or amendment of accommodation without any prior purchase (newly booked) and the remaining amount will be claimed by new dates. That is how easy and hasslefree the booking process is.

And you don’t need to worry about changing rooms in case you start planning your next vacation in India. So, we recommend this type of domestic travel insurance plans for international travellers for more flexibility. We have many plans to offer the same.


You can also buy an optional Plan B (covering specific hotel rooms & attractions, travel insurance to be used on certain popular spots) with a maximum limit of Rs 40,000 instead of Rebook or Returnd. This option comes with complete flexibility of change your preference and allows you to take the right decision for your trip based on your preferences.


If after going through multiple travel plans of various companies you find that none of your desired ones suits you, you can opt for a flexible travel insurance plan that offers unlimited flexibility to pick their choice of a cover. A simple policy with coverage to change the time you start travelling can have unlimited budget cover and unlimited mileage limit. Along with the cover it lets you add the desired activities, such as leisurely visits, family visits, and others for instance. So, you can plan accordingly and choose your preferred plan according to your requirements, travel needs and budget.

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